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Stacy A. Bacon, MD

Dr. Stacy A. Bacon, MD

Dr. Bacon is a native Texan. She grew up in San Antonio. She is an All-American track athlete (3000m) from Rice University where she graduated with honors (magna cum laude). She finished in the top of her class at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston (Alpha Omega Alpha). She finished her five-year Orthopaedic residency at the University of Colorado where she was awarded a leadership award. She completed a foot and ankle fellowship at Baylor University in Dallas under the direction of James Brodsky, MD and John Early, MD.

Dr. Bacon is trained in the treatment of most foot and ankle problems. She has been trained in the treatment of complex foot problems, forefoot deformities (bunions, hammer toes, etc.), ankle injuries, fractures/dislocations, major and minor foot/ankle reconstructions, ankle replacements, minimally invasive surgery, arthroscopy, and non-operative management of foot and ankle problems. She is trained in treating the special populations, including diabetics and rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Bacon specialized in minimally invasive surgery to complex reconstructions. She does complex arthroscopy from ankle and to subtalar arthroscopy. She specializes in deformity correction with internal or external fixation (Ilizarov/ring fixation) and ankle replacement.

She is an avid runner who works with local running clubs (Woodlands Fit) both in training and in injury prevention. She specializes in runners injuries both in diagnosis and prevention.

Dr. Bacon is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon. She is a member of the Texas Medical Association, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, and the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society. She is also a board-certified member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

As a kid I had two goals: to become the best orthopaedic surgeon I could be and to become the best athlete I could. Over the years I've strived to continue to accomplish these two goals.

I grew up in San Antonio and ran my way thru high school (Texas Military Institute) and college (Rice University. In high school I was one of the leading state and national miler and two miler. This gave me many opportunities that others didn't have. I got to travel and see parts of the country only others could see on TV. I participated on several national teams. Despite this success I always wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon. Not for any injuries I had sustained, as I remained essentially injury free till my senior year. I just knew this was my calling.

Running allowed me to attend one of the nation's most precious institutions, Rice University, were I continued to prosper both on and off the track. I obtained All-American honors in the 3000m and graduated with 3 yrs of Academic All-American Honors and magna cum laude honors in the classroom. Despite many trying to steer me away from orthopaedics and into other, more women appropriate, fields, I continued my journey to medical school.

I started medical school in 1996 at UT Houston. In order to dedicate my time to my school my running took a little hiatus. I graduated from med school in 2000 and took a little detour. I did not find myself in an orthopaedic residency as I didn't "match" into a program. I did a year of general surgery at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. This was one of the best things I could have done. I learned a lot about surgery of that year by being in the operating room nonstop as an intern.

From there I landed an orthopaedic residency in Denver, Colorado. While in CO I picked up a new hobby – roller hockey. For 3 years I played co-ed roller hockey. What a great experience. This I think has helped me become more diverse in my foot and ankle experience to treat athletes.

After my residency I did a foot and ankle fellowship in Dallas and quickly made my way back to Houston. I have been in Cypress with Advanced Orthopaedics for 5 yrs. I specialize in all facets of foot and ankle care from trauma to sports to degenerative. No challenge is too great.

I started running again 2.5 yrs ago. Since that time I have many great accomplishments. I have finished 4 marathons, two 50 milers, one 100 miler, and an ironman. I qualified for and ran the Boston marathon this year. At this time the options and future plans are endless. Only time will tell where my running and practice will take me. Overall this has been a great ride.

Recent accomplishments
Houston Marathon 3:28:31
Rocky Raccoon 50 miler 10:54:21
Hells Hills 50 miler 10:53:03
Arkansas Traveler 100 miler 25:21:06
Tall Texan Half Ironman 07:03:19
Boston Marathon 03:53:07
Ironman Texas 16:07:14

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